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Whether you represent a label or individual artist, creating and promoting a showcase of musical acts can help you book larger venues, build media exposure, expand your fan base and jump-start merchandise sales. We know most of you have tried your local show case and came out with empty pockets and a rushed experience…. if your wise some thing to add to the resume but for most that docent even take place.

We are here to work towards changing that, in 2017 we plan on doing a total of 9 show cases 3 in each state NY, CT, and NJ. The best from each city will have the opportunity to compete for recording, mixing and mastering of a 7 song EP, one music video, including treatment, one EPK, and some merchandise drafts for the artist next show experience. All you need to do is be talented…thats it.

How do we find artists? We do some advertising, but a lot of time its be personal invite! We are always on line or at a show case ourselves low key sourcing new talent. If you interested in being a part of our show case its simple. Record a 16 on youtube and title it ” Behind The Unsigned BARS” and your name, if titled correctly your video will be revised in the monthly artist talent meeting.

Don’t settle for something that is not going to further your career, be on the lookout for more details come December.






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