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The team had a great opportunity to catch up with !llmind, Behind The Unsigned alumni from season 2. Its no surprise that !llmind has come a LONG way by landing placements with the best in music today such as Kanye West, J.Cole and Drake to name a few.

This Grammy award winning producer could have stopped there and simply shined for the next few years, but no not when it comes to !llmind .  He went on to launch his own creative titled Roseville Music Group; as well as  launched his own drum kit line BLAP-KIT (Beats Love Alcohol Party)which took off out of the gate. What’s next ? We had the opportunity to find out in Philly. The crew departed from Brooklyn with  !llmind and team at 7:00 am not sure what to expect.

We have of course taken part with other educational events within the hip hop culture and felt them extremely valuable from a high level perspective. Upon our arrival at Rec Philly we knew this was going to be very different. The BLAP-KIT Workshop provided a solid breakfast for all in attendance then moved onto having each participant introduce themselves and share their story in production.



The Group spent the morning going over how to create your own signature sound, publishing and more. As they day went on this work shop morphed into a working dialogue, everyone felt comfortable in participating and asking questions through out. !llmind took the opportunity to answer each question with a level of detail you don’t typically see at these types of events. !llmind made two things extremely clear, he gives a damn about the art and the culture through each producer her meets… second.. he knows exactly what he’s talking about through experience!

!LLMIND BLAP-KIT Work Shop #behindtheunsigned

The day was a success and !llmind and Roseville Music made us believers, we can’t say enough..if you serious about production, take this course, the gems !llmind drops on how to place records alone are more then worth it. Check him out in the original episode on Behind The Unsigned feat Smokey Robotic.


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