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Latinos in Hip Hop



Latinos role in Hip Hop has always been a prominent yet obscure one. Hip Hop was born in the Bronx, a child of, poverty, drug abuse and broken down neighborhoods.These “Hoods” were filled with African and Latin (Mostly Puerto Rican) people who found hope in Hip Hop culture. From Zulu Nations own DJ Charlie Chase to the likes of Frankie Cutlass and Fat Joe, Latinos have and will always be apart of Hip Hop culture.

Fast forwarding to July 2016, I look back to about year ago to shine light on some of the latest Latinos Hip Hop has to offer. Joell Ortiz, Bodega Bamz, Emilio Rojas and Chris rivers teamed up for a collaboration of epic proportions on some classic ill Mind production. No hook, str8 barz, each represented right… yet another solidification, of not of just Latinos in Hip Hop but of the diversity Hip Hop culture is capable of… a Filipino with 4 Hispanics, that’s dope, like Bodega Bamz said, “F**k the race if you real you my relative.


Written by JMV




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