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BET Music Experience SOB’s NYC


Hiphop is still much alive in the underground….. Especially in Philly, CT and NYC!! We received an invite from our brother Chill Moody ( season 2 Aumni) to come out to SOB’s for the BET Music Experience and we have to say for a simple artist showcase BET got it right!! The vibe in the entire building was one of support and respect for every artist that touched the stage, each person there genuinely seemed to be there for the love of the music and the movers and shakers in entertainment (Atlantic records, Vald TV, Bad Boy and more) came to unwind and see some great acts. What could make it better… we know.. a back stage Cypher.. Check out Famey , Chill Moody and Man-u-iLL spit what everyone hears about behind the scenes.. BARS


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