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Apollo The Great


If his name doesn’t hook you, his reincarnation of hip hop’s “golden era” will.

Known more for murder than for music, the city of Camden in south New Jersey brings hip hop fans the raw edge of Apollo the Great. Born and raised in the 90s, the 23-year-old emcee was unsurprisingly heavily influenced by the genre’s “golden era.” His style and lyricism have often been compared to those of East Coast legend Nas, whose longevity and contributions to hip hop Apollo the Great hopes to one day match.


Creators: O. Williams | Stevie Glass
Executive Producer: O. Williams
Director: Stevie Glass
Producer: Alex Frantz Ghassan
Associate Producer: Mazen Ali
Assistant Director: Sil Beyah
Creative Director: Isam Muhammad
Cinematographer: Sil Beyah
Editors: Stevie Glass | Isam Muhammad | Alex Frantz Ghassan
Sound Design: Jerz and The Fatman


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